Values - Dong Hanh Uoc Mo Volunteer Group

Dong Hanh Uoc Mo Volunteer Group works with:


We provide street children and the disabled opportunities of justified education access compared to any other students, regardless their physical and background obstacles.


  • To listen and to sympathize with difficulties that every street child and disabled person faces on their learning journey.
  • To encourage and to accompany them in overcoming themselves and strving for a more positive prospects.
  • To assist their endeavour by organizing academic and skills classes, promoting talks, exchanges and shares as well as providing necessary learning materials; with the ultimate objective of helping street children and the disabled achieving their educational goals and realizing their potential.

Directive principles

  • Sustainable instead of situational.
  • Complete development instead of partial growth.
  • Integrity instead of rigid mechanism.

Believes on

  • the importance and transformational power of balanced and sufficient education in knowledge, attitude and skills.
  • basic rights of children; including right of equal access in education.

Not simply a helpers of children and disabled ones in learning, volunteers are also striving for an interactive and sympathized atmosphere.