Donate - Dong Hanh Uoc Mo Volunteer Group

Thank you for your kind idea of donating/sponsoring Dong Hanh Uoc Mo activities!


As a not-for-profit civil society organization, Dong Hanh Uoc Mo relied on supporting communities & volunteers donation/sponsorship to survive and organize its activities, so all of your kindness is welcomed!

You are recommended to read our reports to have complete understanding about our financial - legal status.

Dong Hanh Uoc Mo receives donations/sponsorships in two forms:


Based on actual activities of our projects, we have specific needs for materials - services, and it would be great if you can provide us with full covering or discounts!


Dong Hanh Uoc Mo

Mobile Teaching

Book Gathering

Hosting website

Meeting venue

Roki (or cartons)


Office share

Books & teaching reference

Water color


Standee's stand

Notebooks & stationeries

Clothes renting services

Children's literature

Print - Photocopy services

Students' bags







Projector set


Cash-based donations

Also, we are in constant need of cash, mostly to buy mentioned materials and services to hold our activities, pay for administrative costs and expand our projects.

All cash-based donation should be done through bank transfer WITHIN VIETNAM (currently, we do not support overseas - foreign donation), and please kindly contact us beforehand (via email/phonecall/SMS/Skype). Please provide your full details and intention in bank transfer form, too (e.g. donating to DHUM project - to buy notebooks for kids)

Contact point:

  • Mr. PHAM Thai Duong - PR - Communications Executive
  • Phone:  (+84)94 2400 280
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Skype: mysticalorchid
    • Account Name: PHAM THAI DUONG
    • Account No.0511000425025
    • Branch District 5, HCMC

Notes about donation/sponsorship:

  • If you are planning to donate/sponsor exclusively for an activity/project, or require specific conditions & terms on disbursement, please kindly notify us before making donation/sponsorship. In case receiving no notifications via official channels (we'll always confirm these notification before receiving donations), the Group will retain its ignorance and consider making appropriate disbursement for our activities/projects.
  • The Group will send donors/sponsors our annual report/financial report, in which we present how we have used/intend to use our funds, received from all donors/sponsors throughout the year. If you need specific reports on financial status of your own donation/sponsorship packages, please mail us.
  • Reference: Donations vs. Sponsorship?

You don't have time or are on budget, but still want to be a part of Dong Hanh Uoc Mo? So great. You still can help the beneficiaries a lot by volunteering with us or telling your friends on social networks or your communities. Or maybe, just an encouraging word to our causes.

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